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Facial Tissue Making Machine

Facial Tissue Making Machine
1.Product Size:190*200±2m. This is China standard. Other size are available by adjusting the bladem
2.Speed:0~100m /Min
3.Controller :Electromagnetic speed

Facial Tissue Making Machine

The 3L facial tissue making machine is the most common type of boxed facial tissue machine. It processes the cut paper into an interactive folding paper into a tissue paper. After the box is assembled, it becomes a boxed facial tissue machine. It's easy to save by taking it out of the box. The 3L facial tissue machine adopts vacuum adsorption and automatic counting and folding device, which has the advantages of high speed and accurate quantity, and is an advanced equipment for the production of boxed facial tissue.


Product ParameterSpecification)

Machine ModelMJX-3line
Product Size


This is China standard. Other size are available by adjusting the bladem

Paper Diameter


Other size are available

Paper Core Inner Dia


Other size are availablem

Speed0~100m /Min
Controller Electromagnetic speed
Embossing DeviceSteel to steel embossing
Embossing Roller Endsteel roller
Blank LinesSteel on steel , the independent regulator
Cutting SystemVacuum System 
Vacuum System 7.5kw/11kw
Pneumatic System3 air compressor ,at least the pressure 5kg/cm2Pa
Main Power3kw/5.5kw
Use of powerFrequency Control , Electromagnetic speed

Product Description

This machine adopts vacuum adsorption technology and robotic folding principle. It can be automatically folded and counted. It is equipped with a side embossing unit to make the two layers of paper difficult to separate. The finished facial tissue is easy to package. When the paper is damaged or the paper is used up, it can be automatically stopped to avoid waste. You can use the micro switch to draw large rolls, which is easy and safe to operate. It is designed according to CE standards. The machine is equipped with an emergency stop safety device. In addition, machine parts are precision machined and are well-known brands.

Product Advantages:

-Long working life

-High strength

-Low maintenance

-Smooth operation

Main functions and features of the machine

1.Count automatically and output in order 

2.Adopt screw turning knife to cut and vacuum absorption to fold. 

3.Adopt steeples adjusting speed to unwind which may fix different tension of raw paper. 

4.Control pneumatic with electric easy to operate. 

5.Tissue papers width can be decided by customers in a certain range

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