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Facial Tissue Paper Making Machine

Facial Tissue Paper Making Machine
Product Size:180*200±2mm
Embossing Device:Steel to steel embossing
Cutting System:Pneumatic point cut

Product Description

The facial tissue machine can alternately divide the cut paper into a facial tissue, and after molding, the container is sterilized and perfumed, and one piece is taken out after use, that is, the latter piece is exposed and the box surface is exposed. Mayjoy's facial tissue machine absorbs the advantages of similar models at home and abroad, adopts vacuum adsorption origami, compact structure, strict manufacturing precision, convenient and safe operation, and high production efficiency.


Product Parameter

Product Size


This is China standard. Other size are available by adjusting the blade

Paper Diameter


Other size are available

Paper Core Inner Dia


Other size are available


0~100m /Min


Electromagnetic speed

Embossing Device

Steel to steel embossing

Embossing Roller End

steel roller

Blank Lines

Steel on steel , the independent regulator

Cutting System

Pneumatic point cut

Vacuum System


Pneumatic System

3 air compressor ,at least the pressure 5kg/cm2Pa



Use of power

Frequency Control , Electromagnetic speed

Facial Tissue Paper Making Machine Feature

(1) Adopts vacuum suction, automatic and accurate counting system,is the advanced equipment of box drawing tissues paper production.

(2)Equipped with three tension adjustment devices,in order to ensure the dimensional accuracy of the finished folding.

(3) This machine has automatic shutdown function once paper breaks, not only greatly reduce the wastage caused by paper breaks, but also to ensure the safety of the production process.

Product Advantages:

The spiral cutter body has stable operation and convenient adjustment; it integrates machine, electricity and gas structure. The appearance of the product is neat. The product width is adjustable; convenient for customer marketing; automatic counting display, accurate and convenient packaging; double-position tension device to ensure high-speed production efficiency; can be equipped with embossing device, clear pattern.


(1) Can I add embossing pattern on the facial tissue paper?

Both edge embossing and full embossing are available.

(2) How is your after-sale service?

Also we provide after-sale service for  machine operating manual, operating video and technician installation. Whenever, there is something wrong with the machine, we commit to guide customer to solve the problem in 1 day.

The seller will, without charge, offer replacement for defective parts which is caused by product quality in one year. Lifelong service is offered with cost charge after one year.


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