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A few common sense when buying toilet paper machine
Jan 01, 2018

In the past few years, there have been a lot of new novice. Why? This is mainly a few points, a small risk, second, less investment, third, quick profit, four, small risk, and so on. But the success of this business is not overnight. In particular, as a novice, it is necessary to take a step by step to get a quick grasp of the industry. First of all, just get to know some of the common sense of choosing a toilet paper production equipment.

1. The requirements of the drive of the toilet paper machine and speed ratio speed ratio: the ratio of the minimum speed of the paper machine to the maximum speed. The driving requirements of the toilet paper machine:

2, a toilet paper machine should be allowed to have a certain range of change in the production variety, and the corresponding paper machine transmission should have a certain range of speed change.

3, the drive of the toilet paper machine should also ensure that the speed of each part can be adjusted accurately to adapt to the expansion and change of paper in different parts.

Two. The function of the motor components of the brake device of the toilet paper machine:

The toilet paper machine is an indispensable equipment for the toilet paper production plant, but the equipment with the highest risk in the rewinding machine's advantage products equipment. Many cases have been told to enterprises. The safe use of rewinder is very important. Now let's introduce how to improve safety factor and ensure safety of people and equipment when buying and using rewinder.

First of all, the infrared photoelectric protective device should be used. In normal operation, to prevent anything into the knife below, regardless of any object interrupting photoelectric scene, will the emergency brake, in order to ensure the knife is not falling.

Secondly, the safety pin device of the toilet paper machine. Prevent the paper shedding from falling off, causing the operator's injury. Finally, pay attention to the brake device. Many manufacturers use the principle of circuit brake, that is, the upper and lower limit sensors cut off the way of power supply for cutting motor. The device can cause extreme danger such as "sliding knife" when suddenly power failure, loose socket and sensor failure.

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