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What's toilet paper rewinding machine?
Mar 09, 2018

Toilet paper rewinding and perforation machine is used for small paper roll production.

One complete toilet paper rewinder be made of:

--Pneumatic paper loading system

--Parent roller conveyor device

--Embossing device(optional)

--Edge embossing device(optional)

--Roll paper device

--Perforation device

--Automatic core dropping and push paper device(optional)

--Deburring spraying device

When you want to produce toilet paper,just have toilet paper rewinding machine isn't enough.


The toilet paper rewinding machine just can rewind the big parent roll to small paper roll.Then you need toilet paper cutting machine,cut the small long paper roll to short paper roll.After you need to bag the short paper roll,finish use the toilet paper sealing machine to seal.

You can have a good understand according to this picture


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