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Classification and rewinding of toilet paper rewinding machine
Jan 01, 2018

There are two main categories of toilet paper rewinder and net cage toilet paper rewinder, which are also known as toilet paper machines. Toilet paper machinery is mainly used to process toilet paper, usually there are two kinds of toilet paper and square type sanitary paper. The small editor specifically describes the classification of the toilet paper rewinder.

According to the degree of automation, the toilet paper rewinder is divided into the automatic toilet paper rewinder and the semi-automatic toilet paper rewinder. Automatic toilet paper rewinding machine adopts computer programming technology to realize the automatic transformation of paper tube (or coreless automatic roll), automatic spraying, sealing, trimming, reduces the labor intensity and improve the quality of the products. The semi-automatic rewinder is slightly more manual in operation. Only the toilet paper that can produce paper tube is a bit avoiding the project transformation. The rest is basically the same as the full-automatic toilet paper rewinder.

The reel machine can be divided into automatic toilet paper rewinder and semi automatic toilet paper rewinder according to the degree of automation. The full automatic toilet paper rewinder is programmed with a computer, and it is semi automatic without PLC computer programming control.

Then talk about the rewinding method of the toilet paper rewinder.

Rewinding include sequentially installed on the rewinding roller and rewinding roller, after rewinding roller and the pressure roller and the rewinding roller has the same line speed of the toilet paper rewinding machine, which is characterized in that the press roll paper rewinding and rewinding roller speed in the process of breaking paper in a timely manner by a driving mechanism driving and rewinding roller close contact. The invention adopts the pressure roller of retractable structure and after rewinding roller contact, the pattern of toilet paper rewinding in normal, roller and after rewinding roller contact, so as to ensure the pattern of toilet paper is not deformed, so that the product has good bulkiness and softness, guarantee users feel good effect. When the upper rewinding roll is used to increase the speed and break the paper, the roller is pressed to the rear rewinding roller timely to ensure the accuracy, reliability and continuity of the toilet paper cutting.

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