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Frequently Asked Questions Of Mayjoy Tissue Toilet Paper Machine
Mar 23, 2018

Frequently Asked Questions Of Mayjoy Tissue Toilet Paper Machine




1.What is the net profit of the Tissue Toilet Paper Machine?

For toilet paper, it is about 20%. That is, the profit is about USD100-USD140 for per ton.

For napkin tissue, it is about 30%. That is, the profit is about USD350 for each ton.


2.How can customers obtain the raw material on the Tissue Toilet Paper Machine?

The raw materials are mainly made from wood pulp, cane syrup, deinked waste paper.

You can purchase the raw material in your area. If you like, we can purchase raw material from our cooperated suppliers in China at low cost for you.

3.How many bags can we get from 1 ton of raw pulp material about the Tissue Toilet Paper Machine?

If 100g for one roll of paper, 10 rolls in a bag, we can get about 900 bags from 1 ton of raw material.


4.For the model 1575 Tissue Toilet Paper Machine, what is the plant area?

The overall dimension of our Tissue Toilet Paper Machine is 6m(length)*3m(width)*1.8m(height), to take the working table into account, the plant area is about 50m2. The height of door is 2m. (The warehouse is not included.)


5.What is the investment for processing the toilet paper via the Tissue Toilet Paper Machine?

About USD19,000. It includes the equipments(rewinding machine+cutting machine+sealing machine), workshop, raw material, etc.


6.How to repair the Tissue Toilet Paper Machine? Please explain to me with details what usually you will do?

Usually the Tissue Toilet Paper machine main parts will break in long time, sometimes some spare parts on the tissue toilet paper machine maybe broken,but you can replace it yourself, we will send you some parts along with your machines,

such as, 

2* paper cutting blade

4*sharpening stone (attached on the band saw cutting machine)

2*edge trimming blade

2*perforating blade 

If there is any problem in the working operation,we supply technical support,when necessary, the camera guide is possible.


7.Can you please help me to buy the raw material from your cooperated suppliers in China at low cost ?

Yes,sure.I'm glad to help,we also have other customers who asked us to help to buy some parent jumbo roll to test their Tissue Toilet Paper Machines.


8.Please for every one ton tissue toilet paper how many core paper will be needed ?

This is not sure, because you know how many toilet paper rolls that one ton paper will make,this is not sure. As the roll number ranges a lot due to size of single paper roll. 

You can make any diameter and cut any width toilet paper rolls based on your requirements.


9. Will the whole Tissue Toilet Paper machine be guaranteed for one year from the date of arrival to the place of installation in my country ?

Yes,i confirm the Tissue Toilet Paper machine guarantee is one year.

Malfunctions which are caused by machine-self and quality will be responsible for our manufacturer. Other malfunctions which are caused by operation mistakes, man-made problems, etc. will be responsible for clients-self.


10. What about the process of installing the Tissue Toilet Paper Machine in my place and train me about how it's working?

When we deliver the Tissue Toilet Paper machines,you know the rewinding machine is too big volume,we just remove some big main parts to make smaller size to load in container conveniently. It is very easy to assemble together when you receive it. Also we will send you the manual instruction and operation video for reference.If any doubt,we supply technical support any time.

Seldom customers want us to dispatch the engineer to their local,because the air ticket,hotel cost is expensive,also you need charge the engineer salary,it is not very economic for you.

If finally you really need our engineer to go there to install and train, we will do that.


11. Are the spare parts always available ?

Not always available.But we will send you some for free along with your Tissue Toilet Paper machines. If you need more parts in future, we will give you at cost price.


12. What makes your tissue toilet paper machine a better product than other companies offering the same making machine ?

Our factory was established in 1988 and we have advanced manufacutring technique and rich after-sale experience. We are striving to help every customer to start their business.

We received many orders from many countries every year, and the customers speak highly of our quality.


Any other more questions on our tissue toilet paper machine,welcome to contact me freely:


Contact: Helen Yan  (Sales Manager)


Mobile/Wechat/Whatsapp:0086 18739959522 

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