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How much space I need to do toilet paper?
Apr 03, 2018

Toilet paper is processed with toilet paper processing equipment. The specific process is: the parent paper roller be rewind to jumbo roll paper by the toilet paper rewinding machine-cutting the jumbo roll paper to small toilet paper by toilet paper saw cutting machine-seal package. 


To do toilet paper processing requires 80-200 square meters of space, of course, the bigger the better. Our client's factory


The most used one now is the 1880 toilet paper rewinding machine, which is fully automatic and requires no labor. The cutter can be used by only one person. Packing seals are generally 2-3 people. According to their own situation to increase labor, generally 3-4 worker.


If your rent is high,you also can do it in your home,just need to rig up a shelter in your yard.

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