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How to buy a napkin machine
Jan 01, 2018

1. First, look at the efficiency of the equipment. There are mainly two kinds of napkins on the market: ordinary napkins and high-speed napkins, and of course, the price is high, but the high speed napkins are expensive, but the production efficiency is high.

2, see whether it is color printing. The paper napkin production equipment can be divided into color printing napkin machine and ordinary paper napkin machine according to the color and lustre of the production products. According to experts, color printing napkins are more popular in the future.

3, paper napkin specifications. This should be selected according to your production needs. According to the specifications, the napkin machine can be divided into a general napkin machine and a large paper napkin machine. The two types of napkins are only different in the size of the production products.

4, the way of folding. The napkin machine can be divided into 1/4 folding napkin folding machine and 1/8 folding napkin foldable machine according to the folding mode. The 1/8 folding napkin machine is vacuum adsorbed and folded, and the price is relatively expensive.

5, the number of napkins. The so-called double row of the napkin machine is two rows of napkins at the same time, and the double row napkin machine is the napkin machine with two layers of napkins on the top and bottom. Actually, the double row napkin machine comes out of four rows of napkin products.


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