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How to choose sanitary paper machine
Jan 01, 2018

Buy toilet paper machine can not only look at the price, but also depends on parameters, function and technology of this equipment and other information, small-scale processing generally choose automatic toilet paper type rewinder, covers an area of less, and production efficiency is relatively high, a day can be processed more than two tons of toilet paper. The size of the model will also have an impact on the price of toilet paper rewinding machine, toilet paper machine price is more expensive, but this only has basic functions of toilet paper machine, if we are to toilet paper rewinding machine with other functional requirements, such as single embossing, double embossing, corresponding to the toilet paper complex roll machine prices higher. Perhaps some friends understand in the market for toilet paper rewinding machine related information, there will be a low price of the equipment, be careful trap at this time, because these devices may be refurbished equipment, the cost is relatively low, so the price is relatively low, but in the process of using vulnerable, the service life is not so new equipment long, we must keep their eyes open, do not be cheap to attract and trap. There are mainly two kinds of toilet paper rewinder, semi-automatic toilet paper rewinder and full automatic toilet paper rewinder, which are used for processing toilet paper, so they are also known as toilet paper machines. Comparison of two kinds of toilet paper machine, semi automatic degree of automation is relatively low, the production speed is not fast automatic manipulation, slight trouble, so most people are choosing automatic toilet paper rewinding machine. Automatic toilet paper toilet paper rewinding machine using computer programming technology, to realize the automatic conversion of paper tube, which can produce different types of toilet paper, product diversification, and can automatic spraying, sealing, trimming, reduces the labor intensity.

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