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How to make napkin paper
Mar 23, 2018


Nowadays, more and more people are interested in napkin paper business. The napkin folding machine is the main machine to produce napkin paper. Our factory has been manufacturing and providing napkin machine for over 30 years. Our napkin machine is of good quality, high speed and low maintenance rate. Also the embossing rollers of napkin machine can be customized of different pattern. We can also add logo on the embossing roller. Color printing function is also added on the napkin folding machine.TIM图片20180321110741_副本.jpg


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For napkin paper packing, we can provide manual sealing machine and semi-automatic napkin paper packing machine.napkin packing machine .jpg

 napkin paper sealing machine.jpg

Build your working area, buy a napkin machine, material and packing bags. You could start your own business and be your own boss.


Looking forward to contact us for more information about the napkin machine 

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