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How to open the small toilet paper processing factory
May 11, 2018

First you need one 1880 toilet paper rewinding machine,one toilet paper cutting machine with saw,one water-cooling sealing,the capacity of MJT-1880 toilet paper rewinding machine is about 2.5t/day(8 hours),and the parent paper roll width <2150mm,then all is ok.


The MJT-1880 toilet paper processing line is hot selling model,it's very suitable for one small plant.After confirming the toilet paper processing line,then we need to talk about the plant.The plant area need about 100-200m2,ground is flat, ventilated and dry.You can put the machine,raw material,and final product.About the parent paper roll,you can buy it from paper making supplier,and about the paper bag,there also have professional paper bag.We also can help you to buy the parent paper roll and final paper bag.About the man power,one product line need about 3-4 people.

When you arrange all of bove,then we can produce the toilet paper,and sell to suppermarket and someone who need it.


Are you a new starter?do you want to do the toilet paper business?Come here and tell me your requirements(,I'll give you a professional suggestion.

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