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MAYJOY Toilet Paper Roll Packing Machine
Mar 10, 2018

MAYJOY Toilet Paper Roll Packing Machine

1.The toilet paper roll packing machine: filling, left and right prong angle, cutting and sealing at once, PLC control, semi-automatic control, putting paper roll and bags by workers, quick and easy operation.

2.Sealing and cutting device independent temperature control design makes the sealing effect beautiful and tidy, with trimming tails automatic air blowing. Themachine is ofhigh speed, saving labor, reducing  costs and increasing production efficiency.

3.Suitable for multi- roll core/coreless toilet paper packing.

MAYJOY Toilet Paper Roll Packing Machine:




toilet paper roll packing machine


Coreless/core   toilet paper roll 

 Supply   voltage

220V     50/60HZ

 Total power


 Air   pressure


 Packing speed


 Max packing size

660 * 240 * 150mm(L * W * H)

 Minimum packing size

220 * 170 * 80mm(L * W * H)

 Packaging film material


 Machine size

3000 *900 *1250mm(L * W * H)

 Net weight of machine

400 kg

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