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Napkin machine investing and profit analysis
Mar 15, 2018

Investment for napkin machine and facial tissue machine:

1. Napkin machine investment is small investment compared with facial tissue machine. It is low cost and napkin machine take small area.

2. Facial tissue paper is to produce inter folding facial tissue paper from jumbo paper roll. The paper can be drawn out one by one in usage. Our facial tissue machine currently is the advanced equipment for making facial tissue paper.

Investment for napkin and facial tissue machine material:

1. Jumbo paper roll for making napkin paper is much smaller than parent paper roll, no need for many labor.

2. Facial tissue paper requires good quality paper. Usually, we suggest customer to use 100% wood pulp paper.

Napkin machine and facial tissue machine both is good investment. Customers can choose based on their local market and personal fund situation.


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