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Three factors affecting the processing of toilet paper rewinding machine
Jan 01, 2018

First, the speed difference between the front and back support, second, the tension control of the reel, third, the line pressure of the paper roller. Let's get a detailed understanding of it.

The most important part of the paper machine and the sealing machine is the requisite equipment for the processing of toilet paper, and the most important is the rewinding machine. The productivity of the toilet paper processing plant is directly determined by the productivity of the rewinder. In order to improve the sales volume, the productivity problem should be solved first. The following three factors are believed to help you improve the productivity of the rewinder.

First, the speed difference between the front and back support rolls. The speed difference of the supporting roller forms the rewinding force, the size of the rewinding force determines the size of the paper compactness, and the compactness of the paper roll can be increased by increasing the rewinding force of the rewinder.

Two, the tension control of the reel: during the rewinding of a paper roll, the rewinding tension should be avoided as far as possible to ensure the uniformity of the compactness inside and outside the rewinding machine. Secondly, during the rewinding process, if the tension control of the sheet is too small, the paper roll will loose or slide on the bottom roller, causing wrinkle and paper intertwined. While the tension control is too large, it will cause the detonation or damage of the paper core.

Three, press the paper roller's line pressure, press the paper roll to pressurize the paper roll during the rewinding process. In the initial stage of rewinding, the paper roller provides extra load of the paper roll and the function of the front and bottom rolls to provide a rewinding force for the roll. With the increase of the coil diameter, the position of the press roller increases gradually, and the load provided by the paper roller decreases. When the coil diameter reaches a certain value, the load provided by the paper roller is zero. At this time, it only exists as a device to maintain the position of the paper roll.

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