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Tissue Paper Napkin Machine
May 11, 2018

Tissue Paper Napkin Machine

Some questions that most customers concern:

1) Why your napkin embossing two rollers same, and other company are different ?


Our Tissue Paper Napkin Machine , the upper steel roller is in same size of the down roller. One roller has two full patterns on it. The upper roller runs same speed of the down roller. So the roller has long life span.

The right picture Tissue Paper Napkin Machine rollers, the upper steel roller is half size of the down roller,this is for reducing the roller cost. One roller only has one full pattern on it. The upper roll has to run double speed of the down roller. This will make the roller life span shorter.


2)What grams original paper should the Tissue Paper Napkin Machine use ?

Single layer napkin need to use about 25g jumbo roll paper.

Double layers napkin need to use more than 15g jumbo roll paper.


3)How many rolls paper that put on the Tissue Paper Napkin Machine does 1 ton jumbo roll have ?

It’s about 25-30 rolls.


4)What is the spare parts of the Tissue Paper Napkin Machine ?

Paper cutting blade and blade sharpening stones

易损件 刀片.jpg

易损件 磨刀石.jpg

5) How big the factory should customer choose ?

Usually a small factory for around 20-30CBM is enough to produce the napkin paper.


6) How much money does customer need to prepare in the early stage ?

Usually the money for Tissue Paper Napkin Machine, raw material,paper wrappers,sealing machine,etc.

We can supply all these products together if customer want.

The accurate amount also depends on the specific requirements of the customer, ,such as which model Tissue Paper Napkin Machine and what kind of original jumbo roll paper.


If you have interests to invest the business or have more questions on our Tissue Paper Napkin Machine, please don’t hesitate to contact with me:


Contact: Helen Yan  (Sales Manager)


Mobile/Wechat/Whatsapp:0086 18739959522

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