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Toilet paper machine
Oct 13, 2018

Toilet Paper Machine

Name: Toilet paper machine 


Original paper width: ≤φ2100 mm

Process capacity: 2.5 T/D

Finished paper: 40-240(mm)

Motor power: 5.5kw                                                  

Auxiliary power:1.5kw

Machine size:6500*3500*1800mm

Weight: 2500kg

Basic Functions:

1.Automatic rewinding,perforating and cutting

2.Automatic glue spraying

3.Automatic pneumatic paper loading

4.Automatic synchronous belt

5.PLC control, Three jumbo roll stands

Optional Function:

Embossing unit 

Some embossing patterns for choice: 




The embossing patterns also can be designed.

If you are interested in our toilet paper machine, welcome to contact me: 

Contact: Helen Yan


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