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What is the quality of the rewinding of the toilet paper rewinding machine
Jan 01, 2018

The toilet paper rewinder is a molding equipment used in the production of reel toilet paper. The quality of the rewinding directly affects the quality of the product, so controlling the quality of rewinder is very important for the manufacturer. But some factors will affect the quality of the rewinder of the toilet paper rewinder, which are they?

1, the tension control of the reel. During the rewinding of a set of paper rolls, the rewinding tension should be avoided as far as possible to ensure the uniformity of the compactness inside and outside the rewinding machine. Secondly, during the rewinding process, if the tension control of the sheet is too small, the paper roll will loose or slide on the bottom roller, causing wrinkle and paper intertwined. While the tension control is too large, it will cause the detonation or damage of the paper core.  Therefore, the actual control value of the tension is kept constant during the rewinding of the paper, and it is very necessary to install a good instantaneous inertia compensatory regulator in the tension closed-loop control system.

2. The line pressure of the paper roller. The presser roll of the toilet paper rewinder pressurized the paper roll during rewinding process. In the initial stage of rewinding, the paper roll provided extra load for the paper roll, and it worked with the front and bottom rolls to provide a rewinding force for the roll. With the increase of the coil diameter, the position of the press roller increases, and the load provided by the paper roller decreases. When the coil diameter reaches a certain value, the load provided by the paper roller is zero, which is only used as a device to maintain the position of the paper roll. The pressure control program of a paper roller must be selected according to the quality of the paper and the final diameter. In general, the pressure of the paper roller is automatically controlled according to the preset pressure curve, and the operator does not need to change it.

3, the speed difference of the back and rear support rolls. The speed difference of backup roller forms a rewinding force. The size of rewinding determines the size of the roll compactness, and improves the rewinding force of the toilet paper winder, which can increase the tightness of the roll.

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