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Napkin Machine

Napkin is no stranger to everyone, it has become a must for us to eat out. Therefore, many manufacturers invest in napkins for production and processing, so how to buy a napkin machine?
The first investor wants to clearly buy a napkin machine. The napkin machine includes a common type of napkin machine and a color printing napkin machine. Each napkin machine has the function of embossing and folding, so we sometimes Make the napkin machine an embossed folding napkin machine.
The second is to look at the model of the napkin machine. The model here mainly refers to the meaning that the machine can process the width of the original paper. This can also be said to be the size of the equipment. However, this model does not indicate the quality of the machine. This is a napkin machine. Technical Parameters.
The third is to see the manufacturer. A good napkin machine manufacturer, technical professional and reliable, the quality of the machine produced naturally has no problem, after all, everyone buys a napkin machine for the production and use, so find a reliable and reliable manufacturer to buy the rest assured, with ease.
The fourth is the after-sale. Even the best machine will inevitably have a breakdown, then you choose a good after-sales paper machinery factory, if there is a fault, you can call the factory in time for repair.
As a professional napkin machine manufacturer and supplier, we can provide you with high quality and competitive price napkin machine. Welcome to buy!
  • Serviette Machine

    Serviette Machine

    Serviette Machine
    (1)Unfolding Size: 190*190—460*460 mm (also customization available)
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  • Double Color Printing Napkin Machine

    Double Color Printing Napkin Machine

    Double Color Printing Napkin Machine
    -Slitting unit which contains one set of slitting knives.
    -Embossing unit having metal to paper ball type in either full or border pattern.
    -Electronic counting for absolute accuracy.
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  • Napkin Manufacturing Machine

    Napkin Manufacturing Machine

    Napkin Manufacturing Machine
    This machine has the advantages of a high degree of automation, processing quality, high production efficiency characteristics. The other embossed according to user needs to produce a variety of clear and beautiful patterns of patterns .
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  • Napkin Making Machine

    Napkin Making Machine

    Napkin Making Machine
    (1)Raw paper Core inner dia: 75mm Standard(Other size are available)
    (2)Folded size:customized
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  • Napkin Paper Making Machine

    Napkin Paper Making Machine

    Napkin Paper Making Machine:
    1. Embossing Roller end:Cots,wool roll
    2. Counting System:Pneumatic Counting
    3. Customized pattern for embossing system.
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  • Paper Napkin Making Machine

    Paper Napkin Making Machine

    Paper Napkin Making Machine
    1. Automatic counting, sub-bit integer column, convenient packaging.
    2. Production speed, low noise, suitable for family-type production.
    3. Can print 2 colors and can emboss many types for napkin paper .
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  • Tissue Paper Napkin Machine

    Tissue Paper Napkin Machine

    The tissue paper napkin machine is with one eombossing, double embossing, one color printing and double color printing.Read More