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Tissue Paper Napkin Machine

The tissue paper napkin machine is with one eombossing, double embossing, one color printing and double color printing.

Tissue Paper Napkin Machine Introduction

The machine is mainly used to produce disposable tissue paper. According to different demand , it is able to produce different color tissue paper , and the embossing design and print design can be decide by the customer. it is especially apply in printing the patterns , brand , and etc . And it is made up of stepless speed regulation technology , convey system , printing , embossing system , folding system , counting system, cutting system etc . It can be used with pneumatic working parts , pure and various colors printing system according to the consumers ' demand. It has the feature of tight and rational structure, easy operation, stable operation, complete functions and beautiful outlooks.

Product Parameter

Machine Mode

MJN Serial automatic high speed napkin machine

Unfolding Size

240*240mm (also customization available)

Folded size


Raw paper Size


Raw paper Core inner dia

75mm Standard(Other size are available)

Embossing Roller end

Cots,wool roll

Counting System

Electronic Counting






0-150 m/min

Use of power

Frequency Control ,electromagnetic governor


6 Chains

Product Detalis:

--The tissue paper napkin machine is embossed, folded, and cut into squares, which are long paper tissue paper napkin.The tissue paper napkin machine fold the tissue paper napkin into 1/4, 1/6, 1/8, 1/12 type napkin.

--By embossing: we can provide single embossing  tissue paper napkin machine and double embossing tissue paper napkin machine.

--By color printing: we can provide single color printing  tissue paper napkin machine, double color printing  tissue paper napkin machine and three color printing  tissue paper napkin machine.

--Also our tissue paper napkin machine can process one ply and double ply napkin.

--The tissue paper napkin machine is with  synchronous transmission system and pneumatic paper loading system.

Advantages of the Tissue Paper Napkin Machine

1.Adopt screw turning knife to cut and vacuum absorption to fold

2.Adopt steepless adjusting speed to unwind raw paper roll, may fix different tension of paper.

3.Printing color is clear and fresh, set

4.Napkin width can be decided by customers in a certain range, convenient for client to make and sell different products according to market request.

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