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Napkin Paper Making Machine

Napkin Paper Making Machine:
1. Embossing Roller end:Cots,wool roll
2. Counting System:Pneumatic Counting
3. Customized pattern for embossing system.

Napkin Paper Making Machine

Production Description

The Napkin Paper Making Machine is compact in structure, scientific in design, and has remarkable features such as strong adaptability to the slurry, high efficiency and energy saving, high speed and stable operation. The paper-based paper types include household papers such as toilet paper, napkins, and facial tissues, which are suitable for covering waste paper deinking pulp and commercial wood pulp. The machine produces paper with good softness and high uniformity.

*Easy to use

*Low maintenance

*Highly reliable

Features of the machine:

1. Pneumatic counting system;

2. Pneumatic paper loading system and synchronous conveyor belt available;

3. Paper breaking sensor available;

4. Color printing system;

5. Customized pattern for embossing system.


Basic Information

Machine Name

napkin paper making machine

Unfolding Size                    

190*190—460*460 mm (also customization available)

Folding type

1/4 (1/6,1/8 other folding system also available)

Folded size


Raw paper Size


Raw paper Core inner dia

75mm Standard(Other size are available)

Embossing Roller end

Cots,wool roll

Counting System

Pneumatic Counting




0-150 m/min





Use of power

Frequency Control ,electyomagnetic governor

Functions and Characteristics of the machine

-Equipped with folding unit to ensure accurate position and unify sizes of product.

-Roll paper with clear look.

-Equipped with embossing unit.

-The machine can be equipped with color printing unit, according to your requests.

-The inching device offers safe and precise operation.

-The auto decelerator slows and stops in the end of napkin material. 

-Other standard models can be customized


napkin machine - 副本

napkin machine 2 - 副本

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