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300 Single Color Printing Napkin Paper Machine send to Greece
Mar 17, 2018

300 Single Color Printing Napkin Paper Machine send to Greece


The folding embossing machine is used for processing the material bobbin by embossing ,folding,electric counting,cutting into square napkin,automatic embossing folding no need manual folding ,the embossing type can made by customer’s need to made different Clear and beautiful Pattern.


Based on our own designing and producing capacity, the machine is mainly used to produce middling and disposable tissue paper. According to different demand, it is able to produce different color tissue paper, and the embossing design and print design can be decide by the customer. It is especially apply in printing the patterns, brand, and etc. And it is made up of stepless speed regulation technology, convey system, printing, embossing system, folding system, counting system, cutting system etc. It can be used with pneumatic working parts, pure and various colors printing system according to the consumers' demand.


1. Automatic counting, entire column, convenient for packing

2. Folding place Positioning reliable,unified shaping size

3. We can make different specification model by customer’s requirement

4. Steel to wool roller embossing ,the pattern is clear and various.

5. Color printing function is also available

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