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310 Restaurant Tissue Paper Machine
Aug 18, 2018

310 Restaurant Tissue Paper Machine

This tissue paper machine is mainly used to make napkin paper for hotel and restaurant use, it is 1/4 folding, the machine will finish the tissue paper folding embossing cutting and automatic counting, also the color printing is the optional function, it can be single color or double colors printing.

Besides, we also can make the restaurant tissue paper machine for 1/6 folding and 1/8 folding.

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Technical Specification:

Name: Restaurant tissue paper machine 


Unfolding Size:310*310mm

Folding Size:155*155mm

Raw paper diameter:≤φ1200

Raw paper inner core diameter:75mm Standard

Embossing Roller:Steel to Steel,Steel to wool

Counting System:Electronic Automatic Counting

Motor Power:4.2kw





Use of Power:Frequency Control ,electromagnetic governor

Transmission:6 Chains

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If you have interests in our restaurant tissue paper machine, please feel free to contact me: 

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