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Frequently Asked Questions Of Mayjoy Napkin Machine
Mar 16, 2018

Mayjoy Napkin Machine


The development of the catering industry has driven the market demand for napkins. Many entrepreneurs have seen this opportunity to enter the napkin processing industry. The processing of napkins requires a napkin machine. For some new starters of the napkin processing industry have many questions about the napkin machine. The following Mayjoy Paper Machinery has organized some napkin machine knowledge for your reference.

1.First, what is the difference between your plant's napkin model?

The model is not the same, the size is not the same. For example, the model 180  napkin machine will produce the napkin 180mm*180mm.The model 230 napkin machine will produce 230mm *230mm napkin. Of course, other functions of the napkin machine can also be customized according to customer's requirements.

2.Second, how many napkins that a napkin machine can produce one day ?

The average of ordinary napkin machine can produce 300 to 400 kilograms a day (8 hours) and 700 to 800 pieces a minute.

3.Third,The napkin type that Napkin machine can produce ?

Napkin machines generally produce square napkin, face towel, and towel.

4.Fourth, the napkin machine operation process ?

The operation flow of the napkin machine: The big jumbo roll paper is divided into small disc jumbo paper (now there are specialized suppliers) by the slitting machine, interspersed with the paper shaft, embossed through the embossing roller, and then passed through the pair of flowers, and then passed through the knife holder. The number of layers is adjusted, followed by a folding roller that is fed into the middle of the head through a paper feed roller, which is folded into a shape-shaped paper, and then cut by a cutting blade.

5.Fifth, what are wearing parts of the napkin machine ?

Blades,sharpening stone and embossing rollers in general are consumable parts, and there are no other wearing parts.

6.Sixth, the raw materials of napkin ?

The raw material of napkin is parent raw paper, which is a small jumbo roll paper made by slitting from the big jumbo roll paper.

7.Seventh, does napkin machine have the embossing ?

Usually, the standard napkin machine has a set of embossing roll, if you require it more, we can also add embossing roller on the machine.

8.How about your after-sales?

For paper processing equipment customers that purchased at our factory, we send professional and technical personnel to your site for installation,debugging and training. After the machine is operating normally that the skilled workers can operate, our factory technicians just can leave.




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