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How Do You Stop The Toilet Paper Rewinding Machine
Jan 01, 2018

The toilet paper rewinder is mainly used in the production of toilet paper, and the function is to make the toilet paper roll. The equipment has a high degree of automation, good coiling effect and different types for selection, and is almost used in all the manufacturers of toilet paper. So what should we do when the equipment is shut down?

1, before the shutdown should be confirmed to complete all finished products processing, to prevent semi finished volume into the inside.

2, turn off a few minutes to turn off the machine, especially in summer. As the rewinding machine runs continuously, the temperature of the machine itself is very high, and a few minutes can effectively dissipate heat to reduce the damage to the toilet paper rewinder.

3, the rewinding machine can not start immediately after the shutdown, to wait more than half an hour to start again.

The above is about the toilet paper rewinding machine shutdown notice, the equipment should pay attention to have finished processing all finished in the shutdown, empty run a few minutes after shutdown, shutdown after not immediately start to use, otherwise easy to damage the equipment and equipment to produce high temperature.