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How To Operate A Napkin Machine
Jan 01, 2018

In the course of the use of a napkin machine, a fixed person should be responsible for the maintenance of a certain technical level. Before the installation of napkin machine operators must make the necessary technical training, to understand the principle of performance of toilet paper machine are familiar with operation rules, the truth in the stacked toilet paper machine and the cardboard packaging board, height of no more than 1.5 meters are not allowed to skew, packaging board allowed an upright position to prevent overturned wounding, not in the paper a stack of sit, sleepy and rely on, open the toilet paper machine lifts should notice to prevent hurt car pull paper delivery process, should pay attention to prevent ground barrier stack dump car after wounding, drawing paper, put his hand to the handlebar must slow down, to prevent injury, beware stab with move the packaging board, to prevent hurt the skin, and selection of toilet paper machine wear protective gloves to prevent the cardboard hand cut attention from the forklift, to prevent being injured. Keep the site clean selected roads, should promptly remove the packing sheet Material and package plate, to prevent damage or iron nail feet.