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Made In China Hot Sale Machine To Make Toilet Paper Roll
May 05, 2018

Made In China Hot Sale Machine To Make Toilet Paper Roll

Introduction of machine to make toilet paper 

Our factory original produce the machine to make toilet paper is adopting international advanced  PLC computer programming technology, and frequency adjustable speed, and electronic brake and the configuration has touch type picture human-computer interface system, latest development free core volume paper forming complex volume system, reached rewind volume effect with core or no core , one machine more with more usage, makes machine in years of market put using can full upgrade, makes the operation more convenient and shortcut, greatly improve the production efficiency.

Features of machine to make toilet paper 

1.This machine to make toilet paper is designed with PLC control system, fully automatic in production process, the function is complete and the production speed is high. The finished rewinding process implements tight first and loose later and different stage loose degree, resolve paper and core apart in the long storage time.

2. The machine to make toilet paper can automatically change the core, spray the glue and seals without stopping the machine and also automatically raise and lower speed when exchanging the core. 

3. When change the core, the machine will be tight first and loosen later to avoid dropping off the roll core. 

4. The machine to make toilet paper is equipped with automatic alarm to indicate filling up of core pipe. The machine will be automatically stopped when there is no core pipes. Automatic alarm for breaking off of paper.

5. Equipped separate tension control for each unwinding jumbo roll. 

6. The machine to make toilet paper is convenient to change the feature to produce any other core pipe winding. 

7. Left paper remind after sealing of product for convenient use. 

8. Jumbo roll stand is installed by pneumatic. 

9. Stepless adjustment , every function can independent operation.

10. Three-layer horizontal paper remove shelf, pneumatic type wide belt  for paper feeder, each group of original paper shelf has independent tension adjustment device ; point-to-point embossing, pattern is distinct and beautiful, light weight, can be configured according to the user's needs for steel to steel embossing ;inching switch for the traction of the original paper, the operation is simple, safe and practical.


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