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Maintenance Method Of Napkin Machine
Jan 01, 2018

We have to check all parts of equipment and electrical equipment napkin machine, check all the connecting bolts are tight or loose, each lubricating point napkin equipment lubrication is normal, the transmission device is normal and reliable protection device is not intact, electrical instrumentation is sensitive, brushless motor contact is good, napkin equipment turning one week, the rotation of inspection equipment or around the obstacles, and eliminate, not allowed to start around the station, check, press start button to start the motor, pay attention to the change of electric current, napkin machine equipment operation and maintenance personnel should be familiar with the name, grasp the structure and performance of equipment and components of the specification, well, the operator should mark the graph to lubricate all parts of lubrication, maintain clean lubrication points, check operation The bearing temperature does not exceed 32 degrees, and check all bolts are not loose, there is no abnormal sound, as well as to mine water is not very uniform, there is no cylinder leakage phenomenon, whether the motor current and voltage of the normal load, napkin machine can keep the napkin machine and boxed extraction tissue machine equipment production environment clean, in addition to music equipment operation napkin napkin machine, Hebei remaining parts have to be ready, in use after a period of time to inspect and repair the ball.