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Mar 10, 2018

Introduction of Toilet paper processing equipment

Toilet paper processing equipment is divided into roll toilet paper processing equipment and square toilet paper processing equipment according to different types of toilet paper.Toilet paper processing equipment mainly includes: toilet paper rewinding machine, band saw paper cutting machine, and sealing machine. The processing process of toilet paper is as follows: toilet paper parent paper is rewinded by rewinding machine to grow strips, then cut into small rolls by a band saw cutter, and finally worker manual bag sealing.The general machine model is divided according to the width of the processing parent paper, the general models are 1092,1575,1760,1880,2100,2400,2800, etc., the most popular model is the model 1575 and 1880 type machine , the machine can process the maximum width of the parent paper is 1.8 meters and 2 meters, the same type of machine according to their own function is not the same, but also divided into a variety of most commonly used classification method is: semi-automatic toilet paper machine And the main difference between fully automatic toilet paper machines is that the semi-automatic toilet paper dispensers have fewer functions and are not controlled by computer programs. They can only be used as toilet paper with cores and paper tubes, and can not be used as coreless toilet papers. There are restrictions on finished papers. The automatic toilet paper machine makes up for the defects of the semi-automatic machine. The machine has PLC computer program control. It can be used as a core, coreless, paper tube toilet paper, and the finished product is diversified. It is an important reason why the full automatic toilet paper machine is widely welcomed by all. The automatic toilet paper machine can also be equipped with many additional functions, such as: automatic glue leaving tail, automatic pumping shaft, automatic flattening, gas On the paper, single-sided embossing, double-sided embossing and other functions, these functions are customized according to customer requirements, the machine itself is not the same function, the price is not the same, according to their actual situation to choose the right machine ,the best is the one that suit for you.


Our factory has been professionally engaged in the research, development, manufacture and sale of the paper machinery for about 30 years. And our products have been sold to India,Spain,Somalia,Ghana,Europe,Bahrain,Korea and so on. High quality and perfect after- sale service make customers speak highly of us and some of them have been our distributor in their country.

We supply napkin tissue paper machine,toilet tissue paper machine,facial tissue paper machine,pocket tissue paper machine, paper cutting machine and paper packing machine,etc.

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