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Safety Guidelines Details Of Toilet Paper Rewinding Machine(2)
Feb 06, 2018

Today I continue to introduce cautions of operate toilet paper rewinding machine.


15)Before troubleshooting, you must shut down. If you do not need to carry out troubleshooting in the case of power, you should cut off in advance to be troubleshooting part of the main power switch.

16)Before cleaning toilet paper rewinding machine, always disconnect the relevant part of the main power switch, and wait for ten minutes or more, and test with a multimeter to determine the residual voltage disappears before starting the relevant cleaning work.

17)Normally all cabinet doors of toilet paper rewinding machine should be locked. Don’t open any cabinet door of this toilet paper rewinding machine unless you need to maintain, repair, or replace parts inside the cabinet.

18)If the fuse blown circuit protection, should be carefully checked, troubleshooting, in the confirmed power has been cut off, and there is no residual voltage, the replacement of the same specifications of the fuse. Don’t replace with a bigger fuse.

19)The toilet paper rewinding machine must be reliably grounded.Safety must be taken into account when working on relevant grounding.

20)Connect to the input of the main power switch of toilet paper rewinding machine according to the specifications of the power supply; to the main air control system of the machine connected to meet the requirements of the gas source.

21)Toilet paper rewinding machine's main power switch input should be connected to three-phase 380V, 50Hz AC power. It is forbidden to connect the power supply with the specifications to the machine to prevent under-voltage from working properly or over-voltage, which may cause parts of toilet paper rewinding machine to burn out and even cause a safety accident.

22)Don’t overload the operation of the machine, so as to avoid damage to it, or even cause a safety accident.

23)When it is necessary to check the internal of the inverter, it is necessary to cut off the main power supply in advance and then wait for at least 10 minutes. Make sure that the inverter charging indicator is off before the inverter can be checked. Otherwise, electric shock may occur.

24)The electrician should regularly check the fastening screws of the terminal blocks and find that the loose terminals should be locked in time. At the same time regularly check the performance of electrical equipment such as motor performance and temperature rise, abnormalities to be promptly addressed.

25)Check regularly that all safety features on toilet paper rewinding machine function properly. If abnormal conditions are found to be handled promptly, ensure that all safety devices on toilet paper rewinding machine can provide a reliable protection.

26)If toilet paper rewinding machine needs to be stopped to work for a long time, remove the main power cord if it is safe and enable all safety protection devices.

27)People who do any work on toilet paper rewinding machine must never wear loose clothing or wear hanging ornaments.

28)During the operation of toilet paper rewinding machine, in addition to qualified touch-screen operator can operate the touch screen, it is prohibited to any part of any body or through other objects in contact with the machine, including the parent paper and other all objects, so as to avoid danger.