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Safety Guidelines Details Of Toilet Paper Rewinding Machine
Feb 06, 2018

We are professional paper processing machine manufacture,make toilet paper rewinding machine,toilet paper cutting machine,toilet paper sealing machine,napkin paper folding mahine,draw box paper machine and so on.Our factory be established over 30 years,have rich experience and professional technical.


Today I write some security guide for your reference,hope can help someone.

1)Please put the original paper on toilet paper rewinding machine when toilet paper rewinding machine is stopped, so as to avoid the danger caused by the running paper belt.

2)Be careful during toilet paper rewinding machine operation. Anyone must never approach all parts of toilet paper rewinding machine including base paper to avoid the danger of getting involved.

3)When toilet paper rewinding machine is inching moving, thread the raw paper at a low speed to prevent the paper from being damaged because of the high speed, and even a pinch accident occurs in the rollers nip part.

4)If you need to use the cutting blade, they must be used in full protection, to avoid causing a cut accident.

5)Before starting toilet paper rewinding machine, make sure that the cutter, the gear and the transmission parts are free of foreign objects.

6)Including any boot time in commissioning period , non-boot staff are prohibited from approaching toilet paper rewinding machine.

7)When operating toilet paper rewinding machine, the operator must ensure that no one is maintaining, repairing, replacing parts, etc., and the person who is not involved in power-on has moved away from the machine.

8)It is forbidden to operate any switches, buttons and other electrical components with wet hands in case of electrical shock.

9)The original paper used on toilet paper rewinding machine should meet the specifications request, should not use overweight and extra width of the parent paper.

10)Don’t touch any moving parts on toilet paper rewinding machine to avoid accident.

11)Don’t open the cabinet door and other protective equipment when the machine is powered on or running to prevent danger.

12)Before performing any work on toilet paper rewinding machine, such as maintenance, overhauling or replacement of parts, it is important to use clear warning signs to alert everyone to care the possible dangers.

13)Before any part of toilet paper rewinding machine can be maintained, repaired, replaced, etc., it must be powered off. The specific requirements are as follows: During the power-off operation, the main power switch of the production line must be disconnected and locked, and a sign of "no closing, someone working" is hung on the power switch handle that has been disconnected.

14)Though after the relevant part of the power-off operation,it is necessary to test the power again. The specific operation sequence is as follows: After the power-off operation, the qualified electroscope with proper voltage level should be used to perform the power test on the part of the machine that needs to be maintained, overhauled or replaced; if no voltage is available, it can be overhauled, maintained or replaced Parts and other work. Don’t do the work when doing the above work with electric !

Today I just update these,will update more tomorrow!

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