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Ship To Zambia-Full Sets Toilet Paper And Napkin Paper Machine
Mar 29, 2018

The busy day is over.

Today we delivery one complete paper product line to Zambia,it include:toilet paper rewinding machine,toilet paper cutting machine,small sealing machine,napkin paper folding and embossing machine,napkin paper packing machine,paperboard cutting machine and core making machine.

These machine can be do three product line:

  1. toilet paper product line(it include toilet paper rewinding machine,paper cutting machine and sealing machine)


  2. napkin paper product line(napkin paper folding machine and packing machine)

    1 _副本.jpg

  3. paper tube produce line(paperboard slitting machine and core making machine)


Following is delivery,all machine be put in one 40ft container


If you are interested,don't hesitate,please contact me!(