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The Structure Of The Toilet Paper Machine
Jan 01, 2018

A toilet paper machine is mainly composed of a net, pressing and drying. Net round net and long net two. Press by the press roll and felt etc.. The drying part consists of one or several dryer. Some fourdrinier machine is also equipped with mechanical pressing machine, in order to improve paper smoothness and compactness. Many types, such as the manufacture of single light paper Yankee machine (also known as the Jahnke type paper machine), the general manufacturing paper long mesh paper machine dryer, production of tissue paper machine, typing paper and cigarette paper and cardboard cardboard manufacturing machines such as.2, refers to making all kinds of paper and paperboard the machine is dry and wet paper machine, paper machine, generally refers to the wet method. According to the structure of network, forming a long round net and three class. They used to clip the production capacity, paper, size, speed and drying part form to express its technical characteristics. Such as cylinder long mesh, round double cylinder, new network Newsprint paper, cultural paper, cardboard etc. is a huge complex linkage machine, including flow, forming, pressing, drying, vacuum, white water and fiber recycling, water supply and steam supply, hot air and heat recovery, compressed air, lubrication and transmission systems. Part is provided with embossing, wrinkling, sizing, coating, calendering, slitting and other institutions. Due to different kinds of paper pulp, all kinds of configuration is not exactly the same as.3, used to make paper papermaking machine. Mainly by headbox, wire section, press section, drying, calender, roll of components. Many types of round net, long net, light paper manufacturing single-sided single paper machine dryer and a two net network folder.