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Two Sets Toilet Paper Product Line Is Shipping
Mar 20, 2018

Our factory manufacture the paper processing machine over 30 years,exported the machine to many countrys,have rich experience.

Many clients say:I'm new starter,I don't know which one toilet paper machine is suitble for me.Now I tell you:the MJT-1575 and MJT-1880 is very popular,you can choose one.

Today there are two container to pick up the toilet paper processing machine.

One is MJT-1880 toilet paper product line,will be ship to burkina faso.This client add single embossing and core dropping system,you can see the embossing roller and paper board for core.


Another is MJT-1575 toilet paper product line,will be shipped to Uganda.This client choose the basic configuration toilet paper rewinding machine,paper cutting machine with saw and sealing machine.


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