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What Are The Characteristics Of The Napkin Machine
Jan 01, 2018

The equipment for processing the paste of paper is the first one: the rewinder, the napkin, the cutting machine, the box drawing machine, the handkerchief and so on.

But the job is to clean the napkin and at the moment, no matter how small restaurants or master upscale hotel, they supply the city a lot of paper napkin, so friends see the business opportunities, start a napkin napkin processing, but the processing of money? How many profits are there? The raw material used for napkin processing is disc paper, the machine for processing paper is called napkin machine, also can be called embossing folding napkin machine. The paper is divided into deinking paper, sugarcane pulp, bamboo pulp, wood pulp and so on, the price is generally more than 5000 to more than 9000.

There are mainly napkins, napkins, automatic napkins and color printing napkins, and napkins, which have embossing, folding and splitting functions. They only have different production efficiency, product quality and function.

The price of the small napkin machine is not very high, between ten thousand and twenty thousand, and the price of the color napkin machine is mainly based on the number and pattern of color printing, the more color, the more complex the pattern, the higher the price of the equipment.