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What Does The Toilet Paper Processing Equipment Have
Jan 01, 2018

First of all, it is necessary to understand that the raw material for processing sanitary paper is large axis paper. The shaft is dedicated to the production of paper toilet paper raw materials, production of raw materials this paper is one of the main equipment of paper machine, are generally prepared by semi finished paper pulp and then rolled over large storage, sale for paper machine. Although large shaft paper is made of paper pulp, pulp but also have different raw materials, waste paper deinking, deinked pulp is formed after wood after the break made of wood pulp, and other materials (sugar, fodder etc.) made of mixed pulp, paper shaft current market using wood pulp as raw materials made of more quality good.

Post processing is the main equipment of toilet paper toilet paper rewinding machine, cutting machine, sealing machine, the whole process has no pollution, no need to build sewage treatment equipment, if small health mills can choose small small toilet paper processing equipment investment, about 100 thousand of the funds can be left and right. Whether to buy or do small processing factory to expand processing scale, is a choice of automatic toilet paper rewinding machine as the main processing equipment, this equipment adopts PLC computer automation technology to control the whole process, can produce toilet paper, toilet paper, toilet paper core flattening, enough to ensure the machining quality and speed

Summary: Xiaobi summary: toilet paper processing equipment mainly includes: toilet paper rewinder, band saw cutter, sealing machine. Sometimes it will be classified in detail according to the type and function of the machine, and the classification of different manufacturers is different.