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Tissue Packing Machine

Tissue Packing Machine:MJ-QW65
1.Packing material:OPP PE CPP
2.Scope of application:Roll toilet/kitchen/household paper
3.Large PLC human-machine interface is easy for operation.

Product Description

The tissue packaging machine is mainly used for bagging and packaging of various specifications of soft paper towels, instead of the traditional manual packaging, it has the characteristics of high speed and neat and beautiful packaging.This machine has the following general specifications:

1. Scope of application: Roll toilet/kitchen/household paper. It automatically achieve processes from feeding, packing to side sealing. So that it prevents the second pollution from hand operation.

2. Four servo control system making packing processes precise and stable.

3. Large PLC human-machine interface is easy for operation.

4. The transmission system mainly is made up of synchronous belt wheels and chains, which is easy for maintain.

Technical Parameters



Packing material


Packing film size



Final product size


Packing type


Controlling system

Servo drive,touch screen

Coding type

Ribbon code or spray code

Total power

AC 380V 50HZ 6KW

Air pressure

0.5mps(prepared by the user)


60-65 bags/min


Tissue Packing Machine Features:

1. Use wrap, fold and seal edge packing type, compact structure, smooth lines and beautiful appearance

2. Between the front and rear camshaft is driven by transmission shaft, which is more stable than the chain or belt drive machine

3. The pull film adopts servo motor, color standard tracking, and the pull film error can be controlled to +-1mm

4. Servo motor is used in the medium feed, and the speed of medium feed can be changed with packing speed

5. The medium feed and pressure feed adopt single supporting way,it is convenient to operate space and operation mode.

6. Fixed channel, color standard electric eye, location of the code and the adjustment of the slit position are all adopted by the transmission mode of the screw rod, and the adjustment is more convenient and fast

7. The sealing mechanism and the push paper mechanism have the clamping protection device

8. Automatic stop function when the pressure is not up to the requirement

9. The tearing parts drive is completed by the individual power, which can not be torn at empty  bag, which can improve the life of the slit knife and save the packaging material

10. It is easier to replace the film with air expansion shaft

11. High precision optical eye tracking detection system, ultra high, multi-pack, no film can automatically stop

12. Intelligent temperature control watch, control the temperature, adjust the temperature


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