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Paper Napkin Packing Machine

The napkin packing machine is suitable for packaging soft stretch facial tissues, napkin paper and square paper. The machine adopts variable frequency drive control mode for paper conveying and feeding. Film hole punching, film pulling positioning, film cutting, paper bag loading, paper center feeding, etc. are all controlled by servo motor. This machine has the advantage of complete operation functions. The utility model has the advantages of high efficiency, simple operation, wide application range, quick change of size, convenient maintenance and low maintenance cost.
The main performance and structural features of the napkin packaging machine:
1. It adopts packaging, folding and sealing packaging methods, with compact structure .
2. The automatic conveyor is used to connect with the automatic production line, saving labor costs.
3. Adjustable large touch screen panel simplifies operation. It can program and remember the technical parameters of different products, and can be easily adjusted to complete the task of packaging different product functions.
4. Reciprocating automatic flap device makes the paper towel clean and tidy.
5. Special push rod has overload protection function and is durable.
6. The packaging range is flexible and can be easily replaced in different sizes.
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