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Napkin Wrapping Machine

Napkin Wrapping Machine
-Packing speed:15bags/min
-Packing bag material:Composite film OPP/PE
-Applications:Napkin, Square napkin

Napkin Wrapping Machine

Product Performance Characteristics:

1.This wrapping machine suitable for the paper packing for soft tissue, square tissue, napkin paper, hand towel and so on. Adopt advanced PLC, folding antler and sealing to unit one. Adopt horizontal type flatwise operation type, conveyor belt high temperature heating, flat sealing two sides, the effect of packing is more founder and full.

2.This machine will be operated with bagging machine or middle sealing machine, it will save manpower and improve the packing speed. Packing speed:15 bags/min

3.The operational process: lay the product that ready to sealing on emptying device, the machine will finish the folding, antler and sealing automatically; Automatic convey, belt high temperature heating, it can finish the sealing of product quickly. 

4.Connect conveyer belt type, improve the complete speed of packing, save manpower, to realize machinery all-in-one operation. We accept the specification given by the end-user.


Product Features:

1. The napkin wrapping machine can work continuously.

2. The sealing can be finished one time. It improves the working efficiency and lower the cost.

3. The machine operation is very easy, has low requirement to the workers.

4. The whole machine use PLC computer control, accurate control on the position; easy to change the operation parameter and settings.

5. The main control part adopt imported good quality materials. Other part is in accordance with the national good quality standard part. The machine is stable and of good performance.


After cutting, put the paper on the conveyor belt, the machine just sack with a man in front of the machine work, bagging tread down switch pedal, after the completion of the machine automatically cut the product bag filling and folding automatically complete sealing, and push the product to one side.

Here are the basic parameters of this machine:



Air Pressure



220V 50/60HZ

Packing speed


Max packing size

250*200*100mm (L*W*H)

Min packing size


Packing bag material

Composite film OPP/PE



Machine weight


Machine dimension



Napkin, Square napkin

More picture:



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