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Toilet Paper Packing Machine

Toilet Paper Packing Machine is made up of automatic feeding conveyor, main packing machine, side-ironing three parts.It is mainly used for independent small-volume packaging of toilet paper web, which replaces the traditional manual one-by-one film sealing, which has the advantages of high speed, neat and beautiful packaging, and saving manpower.Two sides of the sponge belt champ rolls transmission, avoiding errors of rewinding machine.The machine is equipped with an emergency stop switch which can stop the machine immediately in an emergent situation and ensure the security of operator and equipment.Handwheel of the toilet paper packing machine can move up or down to adjust cutter's position and make the machine more flexible.High precision photoelectric cell accurate tracking of color mark,digitalized inputting of cutting position ensure accurate sealing and cutting.
The toilet paper packing machine has a large PLC human-machine interface that is easy for operation.The transmission system mainly is made up of synchronous belt wheels and chains, which is easy for maintain.The machine adopts Full-automatically achieve processes from feeding, packing to side sealing,so that it prevents the second pollution from hand operation.
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