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Tissue Paper Packing Machine

Tissue Paper Packing Machine
1. Bagging method:Push palm type
2. Air compressor:0.6MPA (Customer owned)
3. Power supply:380v50hz

Brief Introduction:

Automatic tissue paper packaging machine is mainly used for the independent small roll packaging of the toilet paper, replacing the traditional manual one-by-one film sealing, which has the advantages of high speed, compact and beautiful packaging, and saving manpower.

The automatic packaging machine automatically transports the roll paper to the top of the conveyor belt through the upper feeding device on the machine. The machine uses the roll film to automatically make the bag synchronous sealing package, and the wrapped paper ball is also subjected to hot edge treatment.

This full-automatic tissue paper packing machine is used for packing 6, 10, 12 paper rolls and can be connected to automatic cutting machine to realize automatic sealing.

Technical Specification:



Bagging method

Push palm type

Air compressor

0.6MPA (Customer owned)

Power supply


Packing speed


Diameter packing size

Single diameter:70-120mm

Height packing size

Single height:100-120mm

Total power



5000*1000*1500mm (L*W*H)





1. Full-automatic tissue paper packing machine adopt advanced PLC computer programming control, LCD text display parameters, easy to set, water cooling control make temperature control more accurate, effective protection of heating wire and high temperature resistant tape.Servo motor pushes into bag, positioning more accurately

2. Packaging speed: 10-20 bag/min (related to the worker bagging speed)

3. Suitable for toilet paper with core or without core packing and sealing

4. Reasonable structure, stable performance, strong material and durable.The main parts of the control parts are imported high quality components, the rest is the national standard quality components.


Function of the Packing Machine:

-Flattening function

-Automatic delivery

-Automatic counting

-Automatic transfer paper

-Automatic sealing

One year free warranty

For the machines you have bought from our company,in the normal use of fault(not big human failure) in a year the date is from the machine you receive and come into use ,we offer free service guidance,and even small parts delivery to you free,and if big major failure,we offer engineer to fix for you free,all the

cost our company afford.




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