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Paper Roll Packing Machine

Paper Roll Packing Machine
1. Large PLC man-machine interface, easy to operate.
2. Dimension:2800*1250*1250mm
3. Vacuum system:customer equip it

Product Description:

Paper roll packing machine  with sealing machine is used for toilet paper packing and sealing,it can automatically press,pack,seal and blow the waste after manual bagging.Semi-automatic toilet paper packing with sealing machine be equipped with PLC computer programming controller and LCD text display parameters,you can set the parameters of the relevant system, so as to realize man-machine dialogue and control more accurately.The machine structure is reasonable, the performance is stable, the material is strong, the water and cold protect the heating wire, make the heating wire and the high temperature resistant rubber durable.The first induction then work,makes workers feel more secure and a machine can pack various specifications.

Technical Parameter



Finished product size



380v/220v 50hz





Vacuum system

customer equip it





Paper Roll Packing Machine Functions and Features

This machine is mainly used for core and coreless toilet paper roll packaging.

1. The machine consists of three parts: automatic feeding conveyor, main packaging machine and side ironing.

2. The rolling drive on both sides of the sponge with the crown avoids the error of the winder.

3. Equipped with an emergency stop switch. Stop the machine immediately in an emergency and ensure the safety of the operator and equipment.

4. The handwheel can be moved up and down to adjust the position of the tool to make the machine more flexible.

5. High-precision photocells accurately track color scales and cut position digitized inputs to ensure precise sealing and cutting.

6. Large PLC man-machine interface, easy to operate.

7. The transmission system is mainly composed of synchronous pulleys and chains, which is easy to maintain.

8. Fully automatic process from feed, packaging to side sealing. This will prevent secondary pollution caused by hand operation.


Why Choose Us

1. Our factory are specialized in develop and manufacturing toilet paper machine for more than 30 years,we have abundant experience at producing toilet paper machinery, so our machine funation and quality are good.

2. Our factory design,develop,producing,selling and after sale service all by ourselves,you buy machine directly from our factory will get reasonable prices.

3. We check each set machine quality and text it run well before shippment.

4. Our after-sales service is Good and Complete 


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