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Paper Packaging Machine

Paper Packaging Machine:MJ-500T
1.Film width:Max 450mm
2.Packing speed:3-180 bags/min
3.Power:220v 50/60hz 2.6kw

Paper Packaging Machine

Product Discription

This machine equipped with a whole set of rolling to fix difference tension of raw paper material, adopting step-less adjusting speed with smooth running.

1.Machine is made up of automatic feeding conveyor, main packing machine, side-ironing three parts.

2.Two sides of the sponge belt champ rolls transmission, avoiding errors of rewinding machine.

3.Equipped with an emergency stop switch. Stop the machine immediately in an emergent situation and ensure the security of operator and equipment.

4.Handwheel can move up or down to adjust cutter's position and make the machine more flexible.

5.High precision photoelectric cell accurate tracking of color mark,digitalized  inputting of cutting position ensure accurate sealing and cutting.

Technical Specification:



Film width

Max 450mm

Bag length


Bag width


Bag height

Max 130mm

Film diameter

Max 320mm

Packing speed

3-180 bags/min


220v 50/60hz 2.6kw








The paper packaging machine is suitable for the packaging of roll paper towel, code paper, cash register paper, etc.



1. Double frequency conversion control,bag length can be set and cut in one step,saving time and films.

2. Adopt PLC&HMI programming software,easy operating and setting

3. Self failure diagnosis,clear failure display

4. High sensitivity photocell tracing,input cutting & sealing position digitally,extra accuracy.

5. PID control temperature independently which is more suitable for packing different materials

6. Positioned stop function,without sticking knife or wasting film.

7. Simple driving system,reliable working,convenient maintenance

8. All control is realized through software,easy for function adjusting technical upgrade.


Final product


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