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Paper Production Line

The paper production line provided by Mayjoy consists of several paper machines that complete paper processing and paper packaging, such as tissue paper production lines, napkin production lines, and facial tissue production lines.
Paper production line gather embossment, folding, counting, match with high-speed paper cutting machine, convey, automatic boxed and automatic sealing box in one body. This equipment adopt PLC, frequency control and equip with touch type multi-picture man and computer interface operation system. Adopt synchronization belt driving, speed-change machine driving for complete machine, which make the machine can suitable for various kind of raw material's requirement, and improve the quality and efficiency. The operation flow of this production line is easy, high production efficiency and made perfect production. This production reduce the production operation and packaging person which save the expense of production and management.
As a professional manufacturer and supplier of paper production line,Our factory original produce automatic toilet paper rewinding adopting international advanced PLC computer programming technology, and frequency adjustable speed, and electronic brake and the configuration has touch type picture human-computer interface system, latest development free core volume paper forming complex volume system, reached rewind volume effect with core or no core , one machine more with more usage, makes machine in years of market put using can full upgrade, makes the operation more convenient and shortcut, greatly improve the production efficiency.WIth over 30 years' experience,we can provide you with te best service.You can get high quality and competitive price paper production line for sale from our factory.Welcome to pick and buy.
  • Napkin Production Machine

    Napkin Production Machine

    The napkin production machine include the following three machines:
    1)Jumbo Roll Paper Cutting Machine
    2)Jumbo Roll Paper Cutting Machine
    3)Napkin Paper Packing Machine
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  • Toilet Paper Roll Production Line

    Toilet Paper Roll Production Line

    Toilet Paper Roll Production Line includes the following four parts:
    1. Paper rewinder machine
    2. Automatic Toilet Paper Cutting Machine
    3. Automatic Toilet Paper Single Roll Packing Machine
    4.Automatic Toilet Paper Multi-rolls Packing Machine
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  • Facial Tissue Paper Production Line

    Facial Tissue Paper Production Line

    The Facial Tissue Paper Production Line contains three parts:
    1)The parent paper roll cutting machine
    2)Facial tissue paper machine
    3)Facial tissue paper packing machine
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  • Toilet Paper Production Line

    Toilet Paper Production Line

    Toilet Paper Production Line the following parts:
    1. Toilet Paper Rewinding Machine
    2. Toilet Paper Cutting Machine
    3. Toilet Paper Sealing Machine
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