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Paper Slitting and Rewinding Machine

Paper Slitting and Rewinding Machine mainly use to make the paper roll and other paper tube cut into the requested specification strips, then automatically rewind to paper disc for further using. This Paper Rolls Slitter Rewinder Machine can automatically enhance base paper roll construction and cutter bar up-down shift construction. This Paper Rolls Slitter Rewinder Machine is easy to operate & easy to take apart, slitting with high accuracy, and the paper disc surface after slitting is tidy and smooth.Working principle: the original paper is on the paper holder, after the bachelor, embossing stick, bachelor, punching knife, and then rewinding, automatically stop at the specified number of turns and automatically cut off the paper spray seal (need to be equipped with automatic repair repair side device), then take the band saw paper cutter for slitting.
Advantages of the Paper Slitting and Rewinding Machine:
1. Hydraulic shaftless paper holder, which is convenient and quick to hold the paper rolls.
2. Electric control hydraulic deviation, high precision.
3. The pneumatic tension control system, maintain a constant tension.
4. The frequency conversion control, synchronous belt transmission, strong power, lower noise.
5. The diastolic bending roll paper, ensure the paper roll spacing of 1 ~ 2 mm.
6. A single set of rewinding roller type, low center of gravity.
7. The cylinder unloading paper, reduce working intensity.
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