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Pocket Tissue Machine

Our pocket tissue machine adopts vacuum folding system. The paper web will be folded into small tissue which is easy to carry after being embossed, cut and folded.This production line adopts full digital centralizing control.
It is accurate in positioning high in automation level as nicely and tightly packaging of products.The machine materializes successive auto packaging without stopping machine with stable production and high production efficiency.
Packaging machine can be equipped with label sticker and date printer.Paper size and quantity for each bag can be made according to the customer's demand.
The automatic handkerchief paper machine is mainly used for the production of mini facial tissues and handkerchief tissues. The automatic handkerchief paper machine adopts vacuum adsorption folding form, after embossing, cutting off, automatic folding into small size, easy to carry handkerchief paper towel. With smooth running, neat folding and fast speed, the length of paper towel is adjustable within the range of 68-110mm. Can add color printing function upon request, can print all kinds of exquisite designs and trademarks.
Mayjoy is a professional manufacturer and supplier of pocket tissue machine. Please be free to buy high quality and competitive price pocket tissue machine for sale from our factory.
  • Handkerchief Machine

    Handkerchief Machine

    Handkerchief Machine Specifications
    Width of raw paper:140-200mm
    Raw paper diameter:1200 mm
    Embossing type:Steel to steel, steel to rubber
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  • Handkerchief Making Machine

    Handkerchief Making Machine

    Handkerchief Making Machine
    1.Rewind tension control, can adapt to the paper material high-low tension.
    2.Folding device positioning reliable, forming unity size.
    3.Paper embossing pattern, clear pattern. (embossed designs by client selected.)
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  • Handkerchief Manufacturing Machine

    Handkerchief Manufacturing Machine

    Handkerchief Manufacturing Machine
    1.This model is designed to produce mini-sized paper handkerchief.
    2.Embossing design on raw paper with clear embossing shape.
    3.Controlled with rolling tension to fit production with different tension of raw paper.
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