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Handkerchief Machine

Handkerchief Machine Specifications
Width of raw paper:140-200mm
Raw paper diameter:1200 mm
Embossing type:Steel to steel, steel to rubber


The handkerchief machine used to make pocket tissue paper with delicate embossing. This newly designed machine adopts vacuum adsorb and high-speed to fold the paper. Adopting step-less adjusting speed, and it is running smoothly. It is special equipment for 4 folding facial tissue machine. This machine composed of raw paper stand, embossing unit, lengthways folding unit , cutting and transversal folding unit, It runs a whole set of rolling to fix difference tension of raw paper, embossed, lenghtways folding, pushing the paper, cutting the paper, transversal folding paper and finished products transfer.It is the best choice for clients to start the paper business.

Technical Specification:

Width of raw paper


Size of finished products

Length: 68-115 mm, Width: 50-53 mm

Embossing type

Steel to steel, steel to rubber

Power of vacuum pump

5.5 kw


4.5 kw




800 kg


Handkerchief Machine Features:

1.Rewind tension control, can adapt to the paper material high-low tension.

2. Folding unit is reliable, so specification of production is uniform.

3.Paper embossing pattern, clear pattern. 

4. According to user requirements to manufacture various different products model.


Product Advantages

1)Automatic produce process, enhance production efficiency and reduce labor cost.

2)Adopts import photoelectric switches to control the machine more exactly.

3)Automatic plastic film packing, adopt the router packing moulds to make the shape square.

4)Photoelectric tracing function, while without feeding, there won't be packing, it helps to save plastic film.

5)Auto-stop while the paper gets truck, to reduce degraded product.

6)Adjustable packing parts, it's easy to change different size.



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