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The embossing roller of the napkin machine is the main part of the napkin machine, which can improve the surface aesthetics, strengthen the anti-counterfeiting, and protect the trademark. The embossing roll can be customized with a logo. We can also develop embossing rolls of different patterns according to customer requirements, so that the embossed pattern of the final product looks very clear and beautiful.
    1. The material of the roller body is generally made of high-quality seamless steel pipe (special material can be customized according to user's needs). After boring the inner hole, the thickness of the pipe wall is uniform and then welded, destressed, car, milled and finished.
    2. Correct static balance and dynamic balance processing
    3, according to the pattern, using different processing techniques, to achieve a clear line of the product, the pattern is exquisite, the layer is rich, the size is accurate
    4, the final surface is plated with hard chrome or other treatment, high hardness
As a professional manufacturer and supplier of spare parts for tissue machines, in addition to embossing rolls, our sanitary napkin machines are also equipped with a color printing system and a pneumatic counting system. You are welcome to come to our factory to purchase high quality and competitive tissue machine spare parts.
  • Napkin Machine Embossing Rollers

    Napkin Machine Embossing Rollers

    Napkin Machine Embossing Roller is the main part for napkin machine. The embossing rollers can be customized with logo.The embossing pattern on the final products can be looked very clear and beautiful.Read More