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Toilet Paper Cutting Machine

A toilet paper cutting machine (band saw) is an auxiliary device for tissue machines. It cuts toilet paper rolls and facial tissues into the desired length or width. The cutting machine is capable of automatic sharpening and the cutting table is movable for easy cutting, making it a stable running and efficient machine for the production of toilet paper and facials. The sanitary paper product manufacturing line is the most popular type of all paper machines. You can produce toilet paper with very limited investment. The device is simple in operation, low in noise, stable in operation and high in production efficiency.
Mayjoy toilet paper cutting machine features
1.Mayjoy paper towel cutting machine uses linear bearings to make workers operate, saving labor and effort.
2. The paper cutter uses protective devices to improve machine safety.
3. Suitable materials may be paper towel rolls, non-woven fabrics, airlaid papers, and the like.
4. Belt drive, web tension control and pneumatic rewind.
5. The toilet paper cutting equipment can be equipped with automatic loading of large reel devices according to customer requirements.
Mayjoy is a professional manufacturer and supplier of tissue paper cutting machines with over 30 years of industry experience. You can purchase a high quality and competitive price toilet paper cutter from our factory. Welcome to buy!