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Tissue Paper Cutting Machine

Tissue Paper Cutting Machine

Tissue Paper Cutting Machine
-Material Length:0-300mm(Can be customized)
-Paper size:Can be set
-Control system:PLC control,servo drive,touch screen operation

Tissue Paper Cutting Machine

This machine is the equipment for roll toilet paper , which is the supporting for rewinding and perforated toilet paper machine. The main function is to cut the rewinded big toilet paper into various kinds of standard small rolls. 

The machine is compose with stander, saw blade drive, adjustment, tension, saw blade grind, operation table and hand table. It is enjoy compact structure, stable running and convenient operation.

Technical Specification:

Material Length

0-300mm(Can be customized)

Raw material diameter


Paper size

Can be set

Product dimension error


Control system

PLC control,servo drive,touch screen operation

Cutting & swing structure

Cam structure

Production Speed


Power supply


Required air compressor

0.5MPA (Customer owned)





1. When the paper roll is pushed into the cutting system, it will be clamped by the clamp and cut after being sent to the blade.

2. Equipped with advanced photoelectric detection system and large-diameter spiral cutting machine, it can automatically set the length and cut accurately.

3. The cutting system adopts the automatic sharpening system for perfect design. The grinding bowl can accurately count according to the number of cutting times and grind the blade in time.

4. This machine adopts advanced servo drive and frequency conversion speed regulation. PLC control and touch screen operation. The PLC screener adjusts the grinding frequency, cutting speed and cutting length of the insert. This makes the push, cut and sharpen smooth.

5. Equipped with pneumatic brake function, which can extend the service life of the motor and make the brake perfect.

6. The inhalation device can absorb the waste generated by sharpening and discharge it out of the machine. Helps sharpen grinding and reduce the rate of defective products



The tissue paper cutting machine is used for cutting long rolls into small rolls, ready for next packing step.

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