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Toilet Paper Roll Cutting Machine

Toilet Paper Roll Cutting Machine
-Paper roll size:≤ 1300(dia.)*3500mm
-Stable working
-The machine can design according to your request

Toilet Paper Roll Cutting Machine

Product Description:

It is used with the rewinding machine, and the suitable roll paper is cutted according to the required length and width.This paper cutting machine be equipped with automatic grinding cutter, automatic roll down, movable platform device, stable operation and high production efficiency.The paper cutting machine adopts linear bearing as the track sliding technology, makes the product incision smoother, more labor-saving, and increases the protection of the new device, the operation is safer.


Technical Parameter:



Paper roll size:

≤ 1300(dia.)*3500mm

Final dimension:

80-280mm(dia), length adjustable



Power supply:


Machine size:




Working Principle of the Cutting Machine:

The band saw cutter transfers the torque through the magnetic powder filled in the working gap. By changing the excitation current, the magnetic state of the magnetic powder can be changed, and the transmitted torque can be adjusted. It can be used for stepless speed regulation from zero to synchronous speed. The band saw paper cutter is suitable for high speed section fine adjustment and medium and small power speed control system. The toilet paper cutter adjusts the torque by means of a current adjustment method to ensure an unwinding or rewinding tension control system in which the tension is kept constant during the winding process.

Detailed Strong Features of the Toilet Paper Roll Cutting Machine :

1.high speed

2.good quality

3.stable working

4.competitive price

5.high efficiency

6.long time use

7.can design according to your request

Our Perfect Service:

1.Technical consultation

2.Plant design

3.Installation and test run

4.Training engineers and workers

5.Good and long time after-sale service  

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